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Kitchen Remodel Package

Remodeling Design Plan Pricing
1st Visit: Free
Phase I - We work with you to develop a new floorplan (if needed), help you pick out all of the materials needed such as cabinets, countertops, tile, paint colors, sinks, faucets, hardware, & flooring. By the time we are done you will have a complete picture of everything you need to order for your remodel, and a budget for it. We take an initial deposit of $1250 to get started. It goes towards the $2495 design fee and it will allow us to start working with the contractors in order to obtain budgetary numbers for your project.
Phase II - Ordering and execution. If you don't have a contractor, we would help you select one, and get labor quotes, and work with him throughout the project to make sure the execution is correct. We also are responsible for ordering all of your materials at our cost and getting them to your house. We charge 15% of the materials cost for this phase, or sometimes we just round it to an even flat fee.
You have your choice after Phase I to continue on to Phase II. We will provide you with the resources to order everything yourself if you just wanted the design portion that we provide in Phase I.
918 Interiors will:
● Provide you with answers to your questions and professional advice for your design plan.
● Provide you with a rough concept, ideas, options, and strategies based upon the information you provide.
● Coordinate Materials: We will spend time making selections and pulling samples of all materials needed such as paint colors, lighting, countertops, tile & custom tile designs with sketches for client and installer, and consultation on site.
● Give you access to many types of resources in terms of products and people.
● Make your space unique & develop a design that will be an extension of your personal style.
● Help you achieve the look you are going for in your space.
● Give you our Designer Discount on all materials. All materials purchased through 918 Interiors will be sold at a rate of Cost+20%.